How to win casino poker?

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Poker in the casino is significantly different from poker in the game clubs. The first is played against the dealer, the second – against other players. In the first case, the advantage of the institution is almost always positive, in the second – there is a chance to earn money steadily. On the other hand, poker in casinos is much simpler, and even having an initial negative mathematical expectation, a player can make a significant profit. Only you need to know how. On this page you will find information on how to win at a poker casino.
The famous Swedish software developer offers in his casino three variants of poker:
Texas Holdem Poker – the return of 97.96%
Caribbean Stud – recoil 94.97%
Oasis Poker (Oasis Poker) – returns 98.96%.
The most “generous” of this trio is – oddly enough – Oasis poker. Why? Read on. Below, we classify various types of poker games, describe the main strategies and tactics of the game, which can be used to win poker at the casino.
Texas Hold’em
Holdem poker in casino can be divided into two groups:
This is important, because in the first case, the player is dealt only two cards to the open before handing. Based on this information, you need to make a decision – to play further (call) or fold (fold). Also in desktop poker you can bet on the turn and river, which is deprived of the Live version. In Live-box, the dealer immediately distributes both the cards and the flop, and only then offers to continue or fold. In terms of mathematics, the difference between these two options is small: in both cases, the advantage of the casino is about 2%.
Examples of probabilities:
A player’s victory with a Royal Flush combination is 0.0026%;
A player’s victory with a straight flush combination is 0.0216%;
Flash – 1.8%;
Winning a player with a combination of Street and below – 23%;
Draw – 2.4%.
The optimal, calculated strategy for winning in Live-Hold’em poker does not exist. You can only give general recommendations that will bring the player to the ideal indicators. So, you should raise (raise the bet) in about 82% of cases, and refuse to continue distribution in the obviously losing situations (two off-hand small cards on the flop with “pictures” without any chance of flush or straight). The most important thing to remember: the dealer needs to collect at least a couple of fours, so that all combinations with senior cards will go in our favor.