Helpful to win strategies in online casino slots

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For those who play slots in online casino, the “Play and Run” strategy will be a great solution. The method is based on the fact that the user sets a certain amount that he plans to spend on the selected machine. Having reached the maximum threshold, the player simply changes the slot and starts the game process from the beginning. You can win on this, the main thing is to really stop and not get carried away with excitement. To act on this strategy in an online casino, you need to remember two basic meanings:
Maximum loss – the maximum amount for a single slot
Empty spin is the number of moves you can make.
For example, if a player has 100 dollars in total, he can divide them into 4 equal parts. If you bet 1 dollar, you will be able to play 25 times on each of the 4 machines. Or you can set the number of moves, for example, no more than 20-30 for each slot, then, regardless of the results, change it.
Three stars
Another strategy game in the slots, which is similar to the methods of “Play and Run” and “Empty Spins”. The essence is as follows: 3 coins are used, 3 in the 1st round, 2 in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd. A bet can be any, but it is multiplied by the specified parameters. Amounts may look like this:3/2/1; 6/4/2; 10/15/5.
An interesting strategy to win “Chicken”, which is usually used in real casinos, but if you want to apply in online institutions. The essence of this method is to constantly change the machines, never repeating during the evening. You need to set for yourself any number of moves, for example, 2-3, after which you must change the slots online, regardless of whether the game ends with a win or loss.
Initially, it is imperative to establish a certain amount for each machine in order not to spend more than originally planned. The number of slots that can be changed during the evening is limited exclusively by the financial capabilities of the user.
Zig zag
The “Zig Zag” scheme is somewhat similar to the “Chicken” strategy, but the user has to analyze the pictures on the screens. It is believed that the slot will give the player a large amount if one of the following images is on it: